Who is Diamondrollin?

She’s been so dope since 92′. Her real name is Marisol Roldan recently graduated with an associates in arts. She is currently studying at Illinois Media School and also has an online radio show called “Everything is Everything” every Thursday from 5-6 PM at Marisol has been in the military for the past 4 and half years and still serving in the Army National Guard. She has a great passion for fashion, music, art, shows, movies overall anything within the entertainment industry. She loves animals and her favorite things to do is to workout, eat and travel. She is a fun, chill person with a wild personality.

Marisol was born and raised born in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in a very big traditional Mexican family. Her parents were born in Mexico so she is first generation in America. As a kid Marisol obsession for fashion and art thrived. Growing up she would make and design clothes as her main hobby. In high school, she took photography, continued with fashion and her funky styles. Her sense of humor come along easily especially growing up in a huge family. Marisol has always been the jokester so you know she enjoys making people laugh.

Her passion led her to pursue her goals in making a career in TV and radio. She wants to become a radio or television personality. Hopefully work for some of the top hip-hop radio stations in Chicago or New York in the near future. Broadcasting school is one of many stepping stones to chasing her dreams.

You can also follows me on Instagram @Diamondrollin or Facebook: Marisol Roldan